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"My husband and I are both musicians, so the music for our wedding was very important to us.  Elizabeth helped make the ceremony so memorable and perfect.  She was willing to play a variety of styles and help suggest selections to be played.  We also had two solo musicians, and Elizabeth worked with them to make all of the transitions smooth and seamless.  On such a busy day, it was nice to know that she knew exactly what to do, which took a lot off our minds.  It was such a pleasure having you involved in our wedding! Thank you so much!"     

Stephanie Beebe

“Thank you Elizabeth for gracing our wedding reception with your music! You are professional, accommodating and handled my brother in law’s spontaneous song that needed your accompaniment, very nicely! You are a gifted and talented pianist and I am so glad that the Lake Elmo Event Center in Lake Elmo, referred you to me.  You can be sure my husband and I will call you for our next personal or business event. I will make sure all my family, friends and co-workers know to give you a call and visit your website when they plan an event. Thank you again for being such a part of our most special day.  You will forever be in our memories and mind’s eye, when we talk about our wedding.”

Tracy Schoech-Kaehler


"Elizabeth played Chopin's Nocturne in E flat at our wedding in July of 2010 and it was such a beautiful addition to the wedding ceremony! She is an amazing pianist and we are so happy she and her music were a part of our wedding day."

Colleen and Kaleb Tholen

Stephanie Beebe

“My daughter, Holly, and I both took piano lessons from Elizabeth for several years.  I always got a kick out of telling people she could read music before she could read words! Holly, started lessons with Elizabeth when she had just turned 4 years old.  Elizabeth can work with students of any age and enjoys seeing their progress and successes.  My family has hired Elizabeth to play and sing for a few cocktail parties and Christmas parties. Elizabeth and her son played piano and sang for Holly's wedding and reception in October of 2015 at the St. Paul Hotel and it was just beautiful!  They played classical music before and during the ceremony, then Elizabeth played 30's and 40's music at the reception. Everyone loved it!  I would definitely recommend Elizabeth for piano lessons or any other occasion where beautiful piano music and/or singing is desired.”

Heather Olson

You can hire me for weddings, funerals, private parties, or any special event!  

"Elizabeth was my piano teacher for 10 years and I enjoyed every moment of it!  She challenged me to become the best pianist I can be.  She allowed me to play at various venues to work on my performance technique and compete in MMTA contests each year.  To this day, I continue to play the piano both for fun and at my job.  Elizabeth and her son Mitchell also played the piano and sang at my wedding this past summer.  They both did an excellent job and I received endless compliments from my guests that attended.  I would highly recommend having Elizabeth play for your event."

Lara Spector

Stephanie Beebe