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2024-2025 Lesson Registration Form

"Kudos to Elizabeth Richter and the Elizabeth Richter Piano Studio for a seamless transition to virtual lessons. Our family has been taking piano lessons from Elizabeth Richter for several years. In March 2020, we transitioned to virtual lessons and although it was quite different, it worked out splendidly. We have continued with virtual lessons for more than a year now and the high level of instruction and connection between Elizabeth and student remains. Logistically, it also works out well for our family - it saves us drive time and with two students in our family, the other student can complete homework or play while they are waiting for their turn."

             Kristie Altstatt, Parent

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“My son began piano lessons in the middle of the pandemic.  Due to this, he has only ever had virtual lessons with Mrs. Richter.  Not only has he received quality instruction from her online, but we have all been able to do our part in preventing unnecessary spread of COVID.  I have been thrilled with the progress that he has made in his first year of piano lessons and he loves being able to take lessons from the comfort of his own home using his own piano.  Mrs. Richter is excellent at communicating expectations and updates via text and email, so we are always in the loop even though we do not meet regularly in person.  I highly recommend Mrs. Richter for students who want excellent instruction from a teacher who values musicianship and technical skills and teaches those things from the very first lesson.”

Andrea Kaltved, Parent

Patty Wong, Parent

"I took piano lessons with Elizabeth from 2nd grade to the end of my first year in college. Taking piano lessons with Elizabeth truly changed my life, as she was the one who helped me realize my ability to connect with music. She challenged me when I felt like giving up and believed in me (even during times when I did not). Through music, I found purpose, all because of the dedication and energy of Elizabeth."

             Beth Florence,

Former Student

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